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PTS Road Service
PTS Worldwide Express, being a dynamic player in international transportation business with its unlimited customer satisfaction approach, provides partial and full truck import and export services to every destination in Europe.

PTS Worldwide Express offers partial and full truck transportation of every load including garments on hangers, foodstuff and items subject to projects with door to door delivery, fast, reliable, economical services to/from Europe, Middle East and Central Asia to/from Turkey.

Due to enormous capacity increase regarding the customer volume, the price advantage we offer and the global express service quality is likely to change all your attitude towards road transportation.

For your road transportation requirements, PTS provides the services starting from the supply of special vehicle to on-line tracking in every step, call center services for your individual needs and goes on with the service performance assessment after the realization of the service.

PTS Express PTS Air PTS Road PTS Sea PTS Rail
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